After 25 years of making beautiful music together, The Schott's have recently released their eponymous debut CD, recorded “live off the floor” to capture the freshness and energy of their live show. In reaction to some of the original songs on the recording, a fan summed it up best:

“.. “Bluejay” made me smile, “Here & Gone” made me cry, “Understood” made me feel strong, "This Old Coat" made me think, “Because You Love Me” made me remember... I guess you could say that I love your CD!”

Darrin and Alison are a picking, singing and song writing duo from South Western Ontario who bring beautiful harmonies and world-class musicianship to their unique blend of country, bluegrass and folk music. They've honed their chops playing in clubs and festivals across Canada and Europe, including a memorable appearance in Nashville on the legendary "Midnight Jamboree".